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A special treat for leaders - Now until December 20, 2019, you can get a free arrow, an $18 dollar discount essentially, when you order two or more items. Use code FREE1 to save on your Packs's AOL awards this year.

Whether you need some quiet time or a burn the steam activity, this Secret Decoder will do the trick. Unlike some others, this one offers a "code key", which means that the code can change every time or be different for every person. Start by downloading the pattern and printing it out. You can use plain paper for a trial run or card stock if you want a sturdier version. Make a copy of each of your Scouts. Cut out the pieces (HINT you can paste a copy of your patrol patch or den number onto the center circle to personalize it!) and assemble per instructions.

Have the kiddos practice setting a code key and then transferring a couple of animals or sports into code. Have a few other items already in code and have them transfer them to clear writing. When they're comfortable with the process, you can move on to some games.

OUTDOOR TRAIL: Beforehand, prepare several signs in code with the proper code key on each. I used to make 1 sign for each one in my den so they can take turns. Place the signs around the park or your yard. The first sign will lead to the second (i.e. Next stop big pine tree, now go to trash can, etc, etc.) that will lead them to their goal The goal can be accomplishment of the task, their meeting snack, whatever floats their boat - you know best!

INDOOR : Translate the oath or promise into code. Have each use a different code key to see how different that will end up.

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