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YEAH! - 2021 Early Bird Sale!

As always, YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR EXACT NUMBERS to take advantage of this sale; just read on to discover the key to maximize savings! Look below to see how you can use the Early Bird sale to save money for your pack!

8/29/21 – 9/30/21, EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER


$2 off each Honor Arrow Code - SALE1

$3 off each Honor Arrow & Achievement Kit Code - SALE2

$2 off each Honor Arrow & Engraved Name Code - SALE3

$3 off each Honor Arrow & Achievement Kit & Name Code - SALE4

$3 off each Classic Complete Set Code – SALE5

$2 off each Rustic Complete Set Code – SALE6

$2 off each Rustic Complete Set & Engraved Name Code – SALE7


When you place a paid order during the Early Bird Sale, it preserves your discount pricing until your order is shipped. At any time before shipping, you can increase your estimated order at the sales price or decrease your estimated order for credit back to your payment source. We will ask you for your ceremony date and if you would like, you can delay your shipment, allowing your pack to settle in to the year and make adjustments to your order. We will email before shipping, giving you the opportunity to adjust your order if needed or you can tell us to hold on to your order longer before we ship. We have numerous packs order during Early Bird then ask us to hold onto the order so they can adjust it the following spring. It works for us so we can estimate our work flow and it works for them so they can realize extraordinary savings.

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